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GMing "The Cost of Greed" campaign - Tips and Tricks?

Continuing the discussion from The Cost of Greed:

The Infinity campaign “The Cost of Greed”, based on some of the “Dire Foes” miniature game scenarios, is now out and around for some time.

What are your experiences in running this campaign?

Do you have some tips and tricks for a GM who wants to run this?

Are there some “pitfalls” a GM needs to be aware of, things to avoid or to change?

How did this campaign work for your group?

haven’t run it yet myself, but since you asked about the Uprising in a previous thread, you might find it interesting that each of the Dire Foes missions in one way or another contributed to the Uprising, e.g. the sabotage of the SCS Stella Solaris prevents an alliance between MinesCorp and the Kuge aristocracy while the chaos of the firefight on the Neon Lotus orbital allows a surreptitious assassination to disrupt arms shipment for the Imperial Service on Earth. another layer of intrigue for your players in the wilderness of mirrors if you want to lean into it.


I’ve started to run it this week and it’s my first game ever as a GM in Infinity. What I think is primordial is to use the scenarios as a really good starting point to play the campaign. My players are all veterans players so I knoiw I can not rail road them in it. So read it a lot, takes notes, thinks of whtra you re players can and will do that comes out of the box. For example, in First Domino, I protrayed Angus so well, he was such a pain to control that my players and their characters where so upset with him that they decided to use “great measure” to take care of him. Yep… so I had to twist the bar fight so I can make sure he escape. Also, for my next session, I’ll prep a lot : mapping more zones, like the hotel at the airport, adding quantronique zone because the hacker started to infiltrate all the system as soon as he get in town etc. This is a complex world and to help me in making it feel right and to improvise better I have to go way beyond what the script offers. So, to resume, make sure to add a lot of content from your vision of the world and the scenario to make sure you re not cornered by your players haha. This is a great campaign and I can t wait for my next session next week :slight_smile: