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GMing sorcerers

Having just perused the Quickstart and seeing little to no rules for sorcery within it, a question arose. I’ve been GMimg sorcerers as pcs, and yet in the quickstart, spells cast by Anavenagar are doom spends.

My question is how do other gms run sorcery: like players rolling sorcery skill tests or spending doom like Anavenagar?

Thanks in advance.

is that in Corebook somewhere? i’ve read the book 2x now, some sections ore and still missed that if it is…

Book of Skelos and Core book have rules for sorcery. Just taking the patron and becoming a sorcerer causes the character to loose two points of resolve permanently.

Certain spells also cause a character to loose permanent resolve.

  • Spending doom is good for a character for rolling a few extra d20s.

  • Most of the time the sorcerer makes a sorcery test to cast a spell.

  • They must spend the resolve/gold/vigor costs depending on the type the spell requires and cast the spell taking a minor and standard action.

  • The spells are not static like dnd spells as you can manage the effects of most spells by spending the amount of momentum you get.

I think somewhere on this forum is a sorcery FAQ.

Edit : Found it here Sorcery FAQ

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