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Glamour and Illusion Magic

These questions popped up with one of my players. PG 98 of the Liminal CRB, Persistent Illusions.

  1. How are you handling moving illusions with this spell? I noticed that it said it could not handle mechanical sophistication such as a watch or gun, but guns vary in sophistication simple revolver to semiautomatics and more. Judging by that it’d mean that persistent illusions may not be able to handle the second option for an Illusion of something that moves at all or not.

  2. With persistent illusions how does one handle blades or other solid matter. I plan on house ruling this where the contested roll can be the opposed Art skill, but the enemy could choose to dodge instead of checking if its a weapon or not. That said it would be an either or situation as making the player roll twice to confirm the weapon’s existence and then confirming if it hits in one turn seemed excessive.

As another question. I may have missed it but I did not see the time it takes to cast a spell. I assume in combat it would take a single action unless otherwise stated (i.e. weahtermonger/fast working). Does anyone have guidance on how to handle casting time in Liminal?

1, Planning to borrow from the Terry Pratchett book “Moving Pictures” for illusions. It doesn’t have to be permanently real, just 30 frames a second real. Illusions would handle movement like good stop-motion animation. I’m thinking Harryhousen-quality motion should the need arise.

2, rolling twice is not great. Situation hasn’t arisen in game yet, I’ll have a think on that one.

And your other question… Good point, well made. Not sure!

Lol Thanks for the input!