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Subtle Step and Intrigue Conflict

I came upon this scenario recently: Player A is using their round action to Move an intangible asset (knowledge) Subtly into an opponents zone in order to confront them with it at the next opportunity (hopefully after passing the D2 test and keeping the initiative for free). The player character has the Subtle Step Talent:


You’re well-versed in methods of avoiding notice, and you reveal little that you do not intend to.

When you attempt a Move test to sneak or otherwise pass unseen through an area, or when you attempt to move an asset subtly during a conflict, the first extra d20 you purchase for the test is free.

How would you rule as GM or argue for it as the player? Does the highlighted text indicate that you can apply this talent to the Move action above?

I guess I’d allow it, and interpret it as a whisper, and I just had to read the description for subtle words, because in my mind the latter was the talent that should be used in the scenario that you have created

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