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German Translation

I plan to GM a John Carter game at the local con in a couple of months (late april). So I am working on a translation of the most important core game terms, if the translation is NOT trivial.

Here are the ones I already have:

Attribute -> Eigenschaft
Cunning -> List
Daring -> Wagemut
Empathy -> Empathie
Might -> Macht
Passion -> Leidenschaft
Reason -> Verstand

Stress -> Stress
Confusion -> Verwirrung
Fear -> Furcht
Injury -> Verletzung

Affliction -> Leiden
Madness -> Wahnsinn
Trauma -> Trauma
Wounds -> Wunden

Momentum -> Momentum
Luck -> Glück
Threat -> Bedrohung

Perhaps someone can help me with the rest…