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Dune in other languages

Do you think that Dune will be released in other countries? If yes, which languages do you want to see first?

I would expect French at the very least, possibly Spanish, German & Italian as well.
Those 4 seems to be the languages with large enough RP communities to justify the expense of translating a complex book and possibly the expansions.

I think Modiphius license out the right to translate and publish in other languages (a sub-sub-sub-licencee?) so I guess it depends on if those companies have any Dune fanatics in their leadership. :smiley:

German edition is coming:


Lovely! Good to see that !

I am hoping for a Polish language to, since we have rpg renaissance in Pl right now


Keep an eye out as we have a few more translations partners to be revealed.
But we can’t say who or what languages until the deals and all properly finalised.
There will be more news soon though.


Awesome Andy! Thanks for the update!

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