Fear/Confusion examples?

Does anyone have any good examples of how you’ve used Confusion or Fear damage in your games?

It’s one of the aspects of the John Carter RPG that surprised me a bit.

In re-reading the novels, I’m noticing how often John Carter or another hero is described as being beset by fear or madness, such as when John Carter is trying to find his way through a pitch-black network of tunnels or caves to escape from imprisonment.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if some players had a hard time understanding the concept of blacking out due to Fear or Confusion.

Does anyone have good examples of how you’ve used it in your games?

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“That thark nearly took off my head! That was a close one!”

I defended against that thark’s attack and the attributes that I defended with gave me the option to put the stress and affliction into my fear track instead of wounds. Now I’ll be on edge for a while until I get a chance to relax and unwind and roll to recover that affliction.