Stress Track choice

If the character determines the stress track based on the attribute(s) used to defend this opens up a lot of tactical options really. If you use Daring+Reason to defend against a sword you could choose to take stress to the Confusion (Reason) track and as that gets whittled away you can then choose to take it to the Fear track (Daring).

If I’m reading this right I absolutely love this, giving incentive to change up your defense to spread stress around some. Brilliant idea.

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Hullo, Grendel,

Yes, it is a brilliant idea, and one of the neater things about the game. Well, that and I also love the Voluntary Failure and Success at Cost mechanics/rules as well. :slight_smile:

The only concern with the Stress track choice is that once you start getting into multiple Afflictions across different Stress tracks, the penalties can get pretty serious. But I’m kind of fond of that, too. :grinning:


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