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Stress tracks for NPCs in the Core book and others

Hello everyone. Hopefully a quick question on this. I couldn’t find it asked elsewhere so here we go.

Page 28:
There are three stress tracks based on pairings of attributes: Fear (Daring and Passion), Injury
(Cunning and Might), and Confusion (Empathy and Reason). Each stress track is equal to the highest
of the two relevant attributes.

Sample PC, Page 32
Daring 8, Passion 7. Fear 8
Cunning 4, Might 8. Injury 8
Empathy 5, Reason 4. Confusion 6 <-- Should be 5?

Or am I missing something somewhere? There are a few of these, but it’s not on everything so I assume it’s an editing error?

Solus Reil, Page 238
Daring 7, Passion 8. Fear 7 <-- Should be 8?
Cunning 5, Might 4. Injury 9
Empathy 6, Reason 10. Confusion 10

Moving into Phantoms of Mars…
Gell Moran(Villain), Page 6
Daring 8, Passion 6. Fear 11 <-- 8?
Cunning 5, Might 4. Injury 12 <-- 5?
Empathy 4, Reason 7. Confusion 11 <–7?

Or am I missing something on how villains figure out their stress tracks

Pax Parka(Villain), Page 8
Daring 8, Passion 6. Fear 14 <-- 8?
Cunning 8, Might 4. Injury 10 <-- 8?
Empathy 5, Reason 5. Confusion 10 <–5?

If these are all just simple typos/things that slipped through edits, can someone let me know? Or if I HAVE missed a rule somewhere, can you point me at it?

Thank you!

Maybe some of them have better scores from Talents? Have you checked the NPC rules (how to construct em, for instance)? AFTBRN

As far as I know there are no talents that increase stress tracks.

And villain level NPC are created the same way as PCs.

You did not miss anything. Core Rulebook p.67 describes how NPCs are created.

It seems that the writer of those NPCs mixed up villains and monsters. Monsters only have one stress track that consists of the sum of their lowest and their highest attribute.

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new Copywriter position opening soon @ Modiphius!:rofl: