General Talent under Warfare

For the General talent it says “These are considered to be Elite Minions, whereas normal soldiers or warriors are normal Minions.” Would is considered Elite Minions?

I believe its referencing to the various kinds of NPCs; theres a section, later, that details them.

Well yeah there are minions, toughened and nemesis. The talent refers to “elite” minions.

Did you search for instances of the term?

If there’re none probably refers to an earlier term for Toughened.

I believe that the talent in question is saying that the minions you would have would be considered toughened. There are a few instances of slightly confusing terminology and this may be a vestige of changes they made late in writing it.

In Infinity (also a 2d20 game), enemies are categorized in troopers, elites and nemeses. So “elite” minion is probably an outdated terminology for a toughened enemy.

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