Gear Duplication in Character Creation

Ran into a weird problem that I’ve somehow never encountered before.

Player is making an Archer character. Homeland is the Bossonian Marches. The Archer archetype gives the character starting gear that includes a bow suitable for the character’s homeland – so, a Bossonian bow. So far, so good.

Player later selects the “Taken Under The Wing” education from Conan the Scout. The choice grants additional starting gear that includes a finely made bow (Bossonian if you are from the Bossonian Marches). So now the character has two Bossonian bows, which, obviously, is one more than he can shoot. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Any suggestions on how to handle this?

Let them keep their duplicate gear. - Destroy those items at opportune moments, just to show that equipment comes and goes, going being the more common thing.

Or, if you are feeling generous, give the character the cost of the duplicate item as per the equipment tables in additional starting Gold.

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