Gas Masks for Black Sun Troopers

Is there a specific reason why Black Sun Troopers all wear gas masks?

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Dehumanizing the enemy. - This is important, so that you can easily kill off any one of them and still be “the good guy”.
If you would give them a face, feelings, family, then you would have the problem that you more often than not murder some fellow humans.
Dehumanizing the enemy is the basic way of making it easy to kill them.


It can also be an intimidation tactic on their part. A local drug enforcement swat type team used to wear them during raids - it also helped protect their identities, but was mainly inimidating.

Considering the high cost and high value of natural rubber, I would think just handing out gas masks for no reason is quite the waste - waste that was rather uncommon in the Wehrmacht.

One good doctor who episode with a Cthulhu vibes and gas masks

Even if the Sabaton album “the war to end all wars” is about WWI. the doctrine was defined there (I highly recommend the whole album.

After the experiences with the gas war during WW 1, no side wanted to repeat that in WW 2. And for good reason.