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Games Master and player resources

When Wizards of the coast released 4th edition DnD they really shot themselves in the foot by also releasing via subscription service to Dungeon/Dragon magazines a character builder that had every class, race, feat, skill, spell and magic item in it including the ones from those magazines … this lead to a rapid decline in reasons to actually purchase anything but setting books, DMG’s and adventures.

However it got me thinking, the one thing that takes me the most time when i’m trying to organise a game (And in the case of infinity with it’s buy mechanics also run the game) is the constant need to pour through books looking for the specific thing the players are looking at or for.

So it came to me, what if we had a code with our books that added new items to our library that was composed of all the items from all the books we have already bought with an extra column for which book it came from?

If Modiphius could offer such a service it would be awesome and make running a game less stressful and the prep less of a chore

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