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Forum Game: Name that ship!

So, inspired by the thread about Starship names that really should exist… (but don’t) and the thread about Random ship names Lists I want to challenge you for a game: Name that Ship!

These are the Rules:

  1. Take the spaceframe and mission profile of the previous post.
  2. Name it!
  3. Explain why you’ve chosen the name for the specific spaceframe/mission profile combination (Bonus: provide links to Wikipedia or stuff for further reading).
  4. Provide another spaceframe and mission profile for the next poster.

Spaceframes and Mission Profiles should come from official STA sources (Core Rules, Command etc.). You should generally assume it’s a Federation vessel (regardless of spaceframes, it might be bought, exchanged, prize of war etc.), but be creative, if you have a fancy idea for a ship of another faction!

I randomly chose a Sovereign Class Spaceframe with the Tactical Operations Mission Profile.

I name it the USS Leonidas after the ancient Greek king (=sovereign) Leonidas I. who led the mythical 300 spartans to their last stand at the Battle of Thermopylae. I think the name of a warrior king fits a Sovereign Class ship tasked with tatctical operations. Also, a king famous for a defense rather than conquests (think of Alexander the Great or Napoleon Bonaparte) suits the philosophy of Starfleet.

Now for something completely different…

I randomly chose a Hermes Class spaceframe (from the Command Supplement) and the Strategic and Diplomatic Operations mission profile.

Name that ship! :slight_smile:

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A Hermes Class spaceframe featuring the Strategic and Diplomatic Operations mission profile.

I give you the USS Benjamin Franklin.

In Greek mythology, Hermes functioned as the messenger of the gods. Hermes is also a delivery company in the present day.

Benjamin Franklin was not only a skilled diplomat, but from July 1775 to November 1776 served as the first United States Postmaster General, as well as Postmaster General of British America for almost 20 years prior. Quite fitting, wouldn’t you say?

For my submission, let’s try a Nova Class spaceframe, featuring a Technical Testbed mission profile.

Name that ship!


A Nova-Class Spaceframes featuring a Technical Testbed mission profile.

I’ll name her USS Nicola Tesla

Obviously after the famous Inventor who worked on electricity. A bright light for the future of technology.

My submission would be a Akira-Class Spaceframes with a emergency and disaster relief mission profile.


An Akira-Class Spaceframes with a emergency and disaster relief mission profile.

The USS Mary Seacole

Founder of the ‘British Hotel’ during the Crimea War and someone who took no nonsense from anyone in the Military or Nursing Corp. - Already a named ship it turns out.

The USS Lenah Higbee
First Chief Nurse of the US Navy nursing Corp.

My offer is a Miranda-Class with a Scientific & Survey mission profile.


My Ship: The USS Steven Maturin

Named after the ship’s surgeon in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

My Challenge: A Constellation Class with a Tactical Operations Profile.


A Constellation Class with a Tactical Operations Profile.

I give you the USS Gemini.

Named after:

  • the Gemini constellation (pun very much intended), for having double the normal amount of warp nacelles
  • Project Gemini, the second U.S. crewed spaceflight programme (part of the space race – having four warp nacelles, Constellation class ships are quite fast for their age; the Cold War reference stresses the tactical nature of the ship while upholding federation principles by not referencing a battle etc.)
  • Gemini Observatory and/or Gemini Planet Imager (even though it’s built for military operation it still has some science capabilities; all Federation ships are science ships in one sense or another

I now challenge you for an Ambassador Class with an Emergency and Disaster Relief Crisis and Emergency Response mission profile.

Name that ship!


Ambassador-class Emergency and Disaster Relief? (Crisis and Emergency Response?) How about the USS Robert April. He aided in the aftermath of the Kodos massacre, and was an ambassador later in life…

Try New Orleans-class, Technical Testbed.


New Orleans, technical testbed: I present the USS A.B. Wood named for Albert Baldwin Wood 1879-1956 who developed much of the drainage plans for the area surrounding New Orleans, and designed the pumps used to protect the city. Some of the pumps he built ran for 8 decades without repairs and new ones are still built from his designs.

Submitted for your amusement: Centaur class, Pathfinder and Reconnaissance Operations.


Centaur class, Pathfinder and Reconnaissance Operations.

I offer you the USS Singleton ( I like the ring of his middle name more than his last so I ran with that) named for John Singleton Mosby

Mosby a Confederate Calvary Officer & Partisan Ranger (still used today in part of the 75th RR history) following the war was part of President Grant’s government and an envoy to Hong Kong.

Next up a Miranda class tasked with patrol interdiction & counter smuggling duties


A Miranda Class with a Tactical Operations Profile.

I give you the USS Ariel, giving no reference for more funs (anyone an idea where the reference comes from?), but, as a hint, hoping that both Sir Patrick Steward and Captain Jean-Luc Picard would approve.

However, the name is a bit ambiguous, so I also give you the USS Ejiofor, named after Chiwetelu “Chiwetel” Umeadi Ejiofor, CBE who portrayed the “Operative” in the Sci-Fi movie Serenity. The “Operative” was to protect the secret planet “Miranda” at all cost. :slight_smile:

I, in turn, am curious how you’d name a Nebula Class starship with a Multirole Explorer mission profile. :slight_smile:


Nebula and exploration?

How about the USS Herschel Named after the first person (human at least) to discover a planetary nebula in 1790?

Seeing as someone took Centaur class (my favorite class) how about I take a book from the new Lower Decks show and propose a California Class ship with an Emergency Medical Relief mission profile?


A California Class ship with an Emergency Medical Relief mission profile.

The USS Wilbur named after the Wilbur Hot Springs in California that was reputed to have healing properties by the local tribes. (I couldn’t find their original name unfortunately) Thus just about keeping to the California class naming conventions.

What about a Defiant Class with Pathfinder & Reconnaissance Operations profile?


Endurance, because it fits into Defiant and the Mission Profile I think.

You need to provide the next spaceframe and theme, @LucasCunningham

Oh sorry, my Mistake.

Ambassador Class with Strategic and Diplomatic Operations

USS Willy Brandt, after the German chancellor and Nobel peace prize winner Willy Brandt famous for his Ostpolitik.

Constitution Class with Crisis and Emergency Response


A Constitution Class with the Crisis and Emergency Response mission profile.

This first sounded like the USS Malta to me, named after the island/state in the mediterranean and home of the Sovereign Military Oder of Malta. Together with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Holy See it is one of only three entities that are seen as sovereign under today’s international law, not being a State. For humanitarian aid, the order founded Malteser International in 2005, developed from the foreign aid service of Malteser Germany that rendered humanitarian assistance since 1953 in various countries. In Germany the “Malteser” (not to confuse with the chocolate of said name :wink: ) are an NGO widely known for medical services as they operate(d) many hospitals and emergency services and are deeply integrated in Germany’s civil protection.

But then I realised that USS Malta would better suit a Sovereign Class with said mission profile than a Constitution Class. Maybe the Malta was a very famous ship and the Sovereign one was the USS Malta A or even B (in case there was a ship of, say, the Ambassador Class also bearing that name)?

Anyway, if one wants to spare Malta for a Sovereign class ship, one could also name the Constitution Class with the Crisis and Emergency Response profile the USS Solferino, named after the Battle of Solferino that led to the founding of the first Geneva Conventions (the Geneva Conventions we know today are from 1949 and some kind of an “update”) and the founding of the ICRC (see above). If one does not want to mention a battle, one could also name the ship the USS Jean-Henri Dunant (or short USS Dunant) after Henry Dunant who was the person driving said development(s).

Next up is a Sovereign Class starship with a Technical Testbed mission profile!

Sovereign with technical testbed? How about the USS Siracusa, named after the Sovereign Sicilian City-State that was said to have been defended by Archemedies’s ‘burning mirrors.’

I nominate a Prometheus-class starship with a Strategic and Diplomatic Mission Profile.


A Prometheus-class starship with a Strategic and Diplomatic Mission Profile.

That’s the USS Athena for me, named for the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom, strategy and warfare.

I nominate a Norway-class starship with a Scientific & Survey Mission Profile.

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Norway-class with Scientific & Survey mission profile: that has got to be Muspell as, according to Norse mythology, it was from Muspell that sparks were taken and placed around the Earth to form the stars. As such, the ship is venturing through the cosmos to discover what has come of her children, those said sparks.

For the next ship, how about an Excelsior class with a Crisis and Emergency Response mission profile?