Forum game: Make that crew member!

So I had an idea for a forum game and I wanted to see if anyone was interested. The idea would be to use the base rules to make a character from the Star Trek Franchise that is NOT a main cast member. No Kirk, Riker, Jadzia Dax, Paris, or Dr. Phlox. Instead someone names a lesser-known character, then the next person makes the stats for them (maybe explaining their decision-making process) and then names the character for the next person to make. For example I cloud start with, say, Icheb from Voyager, then the next person would make Icheb and then suggest, like, Captain Hernandez from Enterprise.

With that explanation. I think I’d like to start off with Icheb. See if this goes anywhere.

If people need help making characters on the fly: there is a great online resource:

Name: Icheb
Species: Brunali
Environment: Brunali Homeworld (Agriculture/Rural)
Rank: Lieutenant
Assignment: Science Officer, USS Coleman

Control: 11
Fitness: 10
Presence: 7
Daring: 9
Insight: 8
Reason: 11

Command: 2
Security: 2
Science: 4
Conn: 1
Engineering: 4
Medicine: 3

The Facts Speak for Themselves
Life is About Our Choices
Thoroughness in All Things
Found Family is Real Family

Borg-Assimilated Species
Strategy Games

Cautious: Science
Testing a Theory
Theory into Practice

Primary thoughts: Genetics from his homeworld (although I can’t remember how much he remembers about that upbringing), and which he returns to with his cortical node and gene treatment solution to save Seven, his excessively long paper on James Kirk, his skills with Kal-Toh, his assignment working with Seven in Astrometrics.

(I chose to model him at the time of his assignment to the USS Coleman, circa 2386)

Next: How about Rom?

I was hoping someone would let me take Rom! This is my take on him around season 6, after he gets promoted during ‘The Assignment,’ and after he helps design the cloaked self-replicating mines.

Name: Rom
Traits: Ferengi, Friend to the Bajorans {Working as part of the Bajoran team, married to Leetah, saved Bajor with the minefield kinda sorta.}
Species: Ferengi {Obvious}
Environment: Homeworld (Ferenginar)(Trade/Buisiness, ‘rebel’){We know he grew up on Ferenginar with Ishka, and that he tried to be a buisinessman before he went into Bajoran Engineering}
Rank: Engineering Specialist, 1st class
Assignment: Maintenance Crew, DS9 (Day Shift)

Control: 10
Fitness: 7
Presence: 9
Daring: 8
Insight: 11
Reason: 11

Command: 2
Security: 3
Science: 3
Conn: 3
Engineering: 4
Medicine: 1
{We see that Rom can pilot ‘Quark’s Treasure,’ that he’s smart enough to know what Chief O’Brian is doing in ‘The Assignment,’ he’s really good with Engineering, but he doesn’t have any medical training whatsoever}

A good heart, but no lobes for Business {Ishka says something like this when talking about Rom to Quark}
A little too eager to please {I mean, this one is obvious}
Brilliant but Befuddled Engineer {Again, obvious. Stole this from his card from the Old Decipher Star Trek Card game}
Family over profit any day {Seems very Rom, especially when he buys the bar from Quark and then just gives it back to him.}

Holodecks/Holosuites {We see he was in charge of patching these}
Waste Extraction Systems {He says he likes working in waste extraction}
Ferengi Culture {While he’s not GOOD at the rules of acquisition, he’s actually quite knowledgeable about Ferengi culture and traditions}
Bajoran Culture {Learns a lot about this from Leetah}
Demolitions {Gains from carreer event ‘solved an engineering crisis’ when he helped develop the self-replicating mines.}

Knowledge Equals Profit
Dauntless {He gets real brave in the later seasons}
Jury-Rig {He used as SPATULA to fix a HOLOSUITE}
Untapped Potential {I made him a Junior officer because he was low ranking and he’s just so darned optimistic, even if he isn’t physically very young.}

Bajoran Engineering uniform
Bajoran Com Badge
Shoddy Ferengi Phaser (treat as type 1 federation phaser)
Engineering Kit.

How about we keep the DS9 train rolling by stating up Damar next, as of season 7 when he’s part of the resistance?

Really? no one is interested in this? Just one response? :sob:

I don’t want to spoil your game, but while “Name that Ship” was fun, this game is too much work for me.

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It is a lot of work so forgive me, if I do not provide exact stats, but go roughly through the lifepath steps:

  1. Damar is Cardassian, I award a point to Control and the talent “Follow my Lead”. Damar is a loyal supporter.
  2. His environment was probably the Cardassian Homeworld. I raise Presence, Command and assign the value Loyal to Cardassia’s Cause.
  3. I don’t know what his upbringing was, but he’s so much a soldier that I say it 's the Cardassian Military (= “Starfleet”) which he very much accepted. I raise Conn and award a focus of Cardassian History. I also award the talent Dauntless as Damar is strong willed and controlled.
  4. At the Cardassian Military Academy, Damar chose the Command Track and majored in Conn. His minors wäre Command and Engineering. I award the Focus of Helm Operations. He served Dukat as a pilot. I think the Defuse the Tension talent is a good choice for Damar. He is resilient to intimidation but does not resort to violence, quickly.
  5. Damar is an experienced officer. He developed the value Strictly to victory.
  6. His career events were Mentored (increase reason, Cardassian Military Protocol as a focus) and Required to Take Command (focus being Negotiation). Instead of Required to Take Command, Betrayed Ideals for a Superior would also be fitting, but I’d stay with the Negotiation focus.
  7. I did not calculate any attributes/disciplins so I don’t know whether the stats actually are in order. If attributes/disciplin stats need to be shifted, I’d shift towards Fitness (he’s a trained soldier), Reason and Insight (also for increases, in that order) or Security and Medicine, respectively. His final value would be Restore Cardassia’s Independence.

This would be my quick take on Damar. Now, I’d be curious on your take of Keiko O’Brien! :smiley:

Thanks Mister X! The way you did it is perfectly fine! I might change his last value to Old Cardassia is dead, and it isn’t coming back, because that’s such an iconic quote from the show, but Restore Cardassia’s Independence is good as well. I agree with most of your focuses too! I might have swapped out Negotiation for Military Strategy, bu that’s a personal thing, and at times, he did play the peacemaker.

I chose Negotiation, because he had to constantly talk himself and Cardassia out of the Threat the Changeling and Weyoun pose. Military Strategy is also fine, also a good stand-in for his Military Protocol Focus.

Well, seeing how it’s been 20 days since the last person posted, I thought I’d do Keiko O’Brien, as requested. I don’t want to be the guy who does ALL the Star Trek characters on his own thread, but I thought I’d go ahead and keep this thread alive. I’d like to see more people contributing though!

1)Starting Off, Keiko is human, and she’s smart, outgoing and insightful, so her bumps are reason, insight, and presence. She’s also has a thirst for discovering new plants, so I gave her the SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY talent.
2)Environment: We know that she grew up with her Grandmother on Earth, so Homeworld is her environment. I’ll giver her +1 to control because she’s in control most of the time, and I’ll give her the Value NEVER FORGET WHERE I CAME FROM to represent her pretty good connection to her cultural Japanese heritage.
3)Upbringing: We don’t know much about Keiko’s upbringing other than she grew up with her Grandmother in Japan, who did calligraphy, and that she had vegetarian breakfasts. I guess I will give her the ‘Artistic/Creative’ upbringing and she accepted it. I’ll give her a rank in Command because she’s good at talking to people, and I’m going to give her the STUDIOUS talent because it seems like her, and for her focus, I’m going to give her CULTURAL STUDIES to represent her decent knowledge of anthropology and ancient Japanese Customs.
4)Now, I’m going to have her take the ‘enlisted’ track in Starfleet instead of the officer track, because that’s the closest thing to a civilian, and choose the Sciences track. I’m going to boost her Fitness (She ran around climbing mountains in Bajor for months), Reason, and control. I’m going to have her Major in Sciences, with minors in Command and Medicine. I’m also going to give her a general skillset for a Botanast here in her Focuses, BOTANY (of course), GEOLOGY (knowing where plants grow) and BIOCHEMISTRY (for the minutia of how plants work). She also gets a talent, and I decided on DAUNTLESS for the way she stands up to her husband and Vedek Winn in that one episode where Winn tries to shut down her school. She also gets a value which I decided is YOU HAVE TO STAND UP TO BULLIES, again from that Winn episode.
5)I’m going to make her an experienced officer. So let’s see, we’ve covered her two main values, so I think her next value should be something along the lines of I HAVE TO FEEL USEFUL to represent her being a school teacher and then doing botany away from her husband on Bajor. I’ll also giver her the talent DEDICATED SCIENCE FOCUS (BOTANY) because, well, she’s really defined by being a botonist.
6)Career Event 1-From the TNG episode RASCALS We have a transporter accident, which nets her a focus on QUANTUM MECHANICS as well as some more control and a point in Conn
7)Career Event 2 From the DS9 episode “In the hands of the Prophets” where she stood up to Vedek Winn’s attempt to shut down her school, we have, well none of the choices are perfect for that episode, so I’ll say it counts as a ‘special commendation’ for starting a school and seeing it through troubling times. I’ll give her a point of command (in order to command all the children and stand up to Winn) and I’ll also give her the focus on TEACHING
8)Finishing Touches- I’ll finish up by upping her reason to 10 and her daring to 8. I’ll bump her Engineering to 2 (maybe hanging around with Miles rubs off on her) and her Science to 5 (she’s REALLY GOOD) at Botany. As for her final Value, she runs hot and cold with O’Brien, so I think maybe something that represents their relationship. I like the Value: I LOVE MILES, BUT I HAVE TO RESPECT MYSELF

And there you go: If yo are wondering her final stats are: Control 10, Fitness 9, Presence 10, Daring 8, Insight 9, Reason 10

As for the next person to do, hmmm, I was tempted to do Jett Reno from Discovery ( ) but I don’t think too many people know who she is. Well, if the next person hasn’t watched enough discovery to do a Jett Reno character, then take my second choice of Reg Barkley.

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Regarding Keiko, I don’t know if either exobotany or xenobotany are covered by botany in this case but if not, I would suggest them. Maybe a focus on biology as well as I am sure that she would know not only the inner workings of their internal processes but how they live, thrive, and affect the plant and animal worlds.

According to the example focuses, there is no exobotany, just botany, so I assume botany includes the others. As for biology, we never see her talk much about animal stuff, but that’s why I included biochemistry, so she could figure out how biochemical of plants might effect the biochemistry of animals. Thanks for looking over my work though!