Followers and Dual Weilding

For followers, are they considered to always take the +2 penalty when dual attacking? I can see it being the case with the Stormcloak Soldier Dual Wielding Swords, since he is using swords, and I found the Iron Sword had the same stats as their attacks, and the Iron Swords do not have the Lightweight keyword.

The Khajiit Thief Adventurer-For-Hire, however I can’t find any weapon to share any stats with. The closest I can find are the Steel Sword and Steel Dagger, but he is missing the “Dragonborn: Restore 1 Stamina” for the sword, and “Dragonborn: Yellow Dice; Keyword: Lightweight”, and instead has “Dragonborn: Piercing (1)” on his second attack.

Thanks for the help!


Followers (and Adversaries) have abstracted attacks that don’t always correspond directly to equipment for simplicity’s sake. They are subject to the +2 penalty for the Dual Wield second strike, as per page 22 of the core rules.

That makes sense. Thanks for the help, Gavin!