Dark Brotherhood

Followers don’t have the Lightweight keyword, but they are Dark Brotherhood members using daggers (one or two) obviously, so they cannot roll against their Agility (Clinical strike faction rule) as the rest of members when they use daggers (and Assassin gets +2 to his second attack while is dual wielding daggers… Because his second dagger does not have the Lightweight keyword)
Is that intended?
Initiate/Assassin rolls against Strength 3/3 (Assassin against 1 for his second attack) instead of Agility 4/5.
Should their follower cards have the Lightweight included (as they are using daggers)?

The Dark Brotherhood faction card says ‘Clinical strike: they may test against their Agility instead of their Strength when using a Melee attack with Lightweight weapons’. They are good with daggers (Lightweight) using this faction rule.
Don’t they get critical hits because of this (because they roll against an Attribute)? Or should it be clarified?

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The Dark Brotherhood followers are not meant to have Lightweight on their weapons. If a model would use Clinical Strike, they would not be able to use Criticals because an Attribute is being used.


Wow, they are worst than I expected :sweat_smile:

The Followers not having Lightweight was expected.

The Clinical Strike…well that’s rubbish. I’ve always just played it as they still count as utilising the One-Handed Skill (ergo, they can crit), they just use the Agility value as if the Skill was associated with that attribute rather than it being, strictly speaking, an Attribute-only test.

This feels like it’s not the intent of the rule.

But why does it say you may test against Agility instead of Strength, if they are not testing against any Attribute initially, just against One-Handed Skill?

If the Twin daggers follower rolls that way… It is rubbish for 26 septims.
I aggree. I think that, in any game of this kind, Sneak and Daggers are related with Critical strikes easily.
I mean, it is normal, even with better chances, doing a critical hit when you use daggers and Sneak, it is the usual profile of this characters in any RPG game.

If you play Astrid with Blade of Woe, you would roll against 3 to have the chance of doing a critical hit…

If you play Twin daggers Assassin (26 septims), you roll against 3 and then against 1 in any case… And they cannot get a Red die when speaking… But you can get a critical hit :sweat_smile:
This way, Assassin is too expensive, the Initiate is better than paying 10 more for +1 Sneak and a useless second dagger

I have been always playing that way with Dark Brotherhood…

Yeah we have used it also that way. The twin daggers are really bad. I always wonder why they had that high cost… they can sneak good but it doesnt matter if you cant hit your target… especially if you look at the stormcast. They fighy better and costs less

Yea, feels like this is an opportunity to make a general rule that skill rolls can be made using any attribute, if a special effect like this switches the default attribute association. That would also let characters use wisdom for their restoration block tests, which currently adversaries do but players don’t

Really hard to hit, and really hard to do any damage when you need to spend Stamina on precision…
Too expensive for that, the Initiate seems better in quality/price :sweat_smile:

Yes, it seems that rule should be clarified