Fire Hydrant Bat critical effect

How exactly does the Fire Hydrant Bat critical effect work? It appears to be an area effect but is that an area effect centered on the target of the attack or on the Behemoth itself? The latter seems more theatrical (swinging the hydrant around itself in a large arc to attack everything within range) but the former seems more consistent with the ruleset. And would the Behemoth potentially damage itself?

Hi. The Behemoth’s critical area effect attack is centered on the target like (as you mention) other area effect attacks like the Missile Launcher or a Fragmentation Grenade. (The context I had in mind is that it hits the target and the ground so hard it’s the shockwave and debris from that.)

The Behemoth’s Unit card mentions it can use Melee weapons at up to Orange range (and the new FAQ which should be up this week gives some info on resolving that). So, if the Behemoth picks a target/point orange away from itself, the yellow area effect will not hit itself. If it attacks anything closer than orange (and if engaged a model can not target anything other than those they are engaged with) then it will catch itself in its own area of effect. They’re not the brightest of creatures…

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Thanks for the clarification!