A questions about SM Behemoth


  1. does the SM Behemoth need be in BtB with enemy model to atack it in close combat? or orange distance is enough?
  2. who of them count as engaged in that case - both, behemoth or oposing model?
  3. behemoth can`t climb, so if opposing model climb on top of 2" piece of terrain it is safe from behemot atack? :slight_smile:
  4. critical atack from begemoth`s Fire Hydrant bat have yellow area effect. it is possible for behemoth to be wounded by this attack? )

1 . Either
2. Neither
3. Is it within orange of the Behemoth (any part)
4. That’s push back not AOE

Feel free to correct me if I got anything wrong James Sheahan :slight_smile:


interesting ) do you want to say that FHB become like a range weapon?

yes to a certain extent treat it as shooting but iirc do not randomise if attacking into combat nor apply bonuses or negatives for doing so or indeed cover

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The Old Badger is correct. To add to what they said:

  1. It can be at up to Orange distance (as well as in BtB). The FAQ (Weapons and Attacks section) contains details on how a ranged melee weapon is resolved so be sure to check that out.
  2. Engaged requires bring base-to-base.
  3. That would be up to you to decide with your opponent before play starts in the same way as designating what terrain counts as cover. Some terrain that counts as cover for Normal models may not count as cover for a Behemoth.
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thank you both for answers! it is clear now )
what about question 4 and TheOldBadger`s answer to it? Push back from the FHB will be very cool thing ))if it PB - where it is written?

relooking at the card it looks like it is AOE but since you can place it orange away 2" and it is 4" diameter then it should not hit you … it’s the nuka bottles that cause push back

But the FHB can be used in close combat or on the model within 1". Then hit is possible?

AOE means it can be placed anywhere in the orange and you roll to hit everyone

What TheOldBadger says is correct. The critical of the Fire Hydrant Bat is area effect damage and if it is positioned so it overlaps the person using it then it will damage them too, the same way firing a Missile Launcher at a target that is very close or dropping a grenade next to you will do the same.


Thank you all ) I am understand now :slight_smile:

Great. Just to clarify the details of the Fire Hydrant Bat: The special effect that can be caused by a bottle result is Push Back (page 36, Rules of Play) and the critical effect is area effect damage.

wow! so the FGB weapon’s card ( orange icon on it) must show Push Back, isn’ it?