Fatal Journey & Guild Agent PC

So I’ve been reading the Fatal Journey adventure and it is great, but I have been thinking about running it next time my players travel inside a Guild Heighliner. Thing is, one of the player characters is a Guild Banker.

So I was wondering, could this mean that the player could invoke his “Guild Agent” trait to make any interaction with Guild Members (the head steward, the captain etc) one step easier?

Yes, but.

I don’t see any issue with the trait being tagged to reduce difficulties, it is a perfect example.
However I would also have the same NPCs put pressure on the character to help keep the Guild looking clean.

Plot spoilers for those who haven’t read

The Guild isn’t going to want to admit that a murderous gang was able to bump people off on their transport purely as a distraction. They are going to want to look like the Heighliner was just an unfortunate location for something that could have happened anywhere.

Also, given what you learn about the backstories of the suspects a Guild Banker would probably terrify them if he is part of the interview team.


Actually you don’t need priority boarding. Your trait ‘Guild’ will do that already.

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