Solo Dune Gaming

I was just curious how easy it was to run a solo game? (1PC and 1 GM)

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Interesting question.

From a setting point of view it should all work fine. In some ways better. As you are usually the elite agents of a House, in this case you would be THE elite agent of a House. You’d be looking at a more James Bond style lone agent, which could be a lot of fun.

Problem-wise you are looking at some of the usual ones. While you are good, your agent won’t be good at everything. So you’ll need to focus the adventure on things they can do. Having said that characters are quite well rounded, but even so they are not each good at everything.

The thing to watch will be Momentum. Its designed to be spent, but with more players there is often someone else to fill the pool before it gets to your turn. A run of bad rolls might drain it very quickly, and start building the threat. But you should find the game will work pretty well as a one on one. Its a great way to really focus on a single character and Dune should reward that as well as any other game.


I see. Thanks so much for the reply. I’m a massive Dune fan and pre-ordered this the second I could. But my wife and I tend to game together and we just moved so I don’t know when I’ll get a group again (especially with covid) So I was hoping solo play wouldn’t feel too weird. Thanks again.

Would it make sense to create a sidekick NPC to help with Momentum issue?

Something like Duncan Idaho’s mission to scout ahead and make contact with the Fremen is a prime example of a great solo scenario or mini-campaign.

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