Fallout Balancing

Hey guys
Had my first game with the institute yesterday and I really struggled when within melee. Could be that the crucial part was that I played againts Mutants but I really would like to hear your side of view on this one.
Currently the Institute mainly has two Melee Options
Baton (10 Pts) 2 Base Damage, 2 Green Dice
Stun Baton (30 Pts) 2 Base Damage, 1 Black, 1 Green, 1 Blue Dice with the ability to get rid of Reactions or Stun the target.

IMHO I think both options are too expensive for the Institute mostly when it comes to damage output. Do I want to get in an infight with a Patroller or Trooper with 2 Green Dice against Mutants or Brotherhood?

For Gen 1 Synth I find it even worse since the weapon is 30% of the units cost. Comparing that to the option that Raiders, Survivors or SM have (the most powerful weapon you can get for 2 caps nailboardcough) it’s as said too expensive.

I know from the Video Game’s view the Baton is the preferred weapon. I don’t have an issue with that but maybe it’s worth thinking about the actual stats of the weapon and the price? Toning down base damage to 1 and give them 1 black and 1 green dice (or leave it at 2 green dice) might make them more competitive as a first thought…
I dont think that this will have much impact on the baton’s popularity - does anybody of you uses the baton at all for it’s actual cost?

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remember that the game is more geared towards the open format and not the Battlemode which lets face it is only there for competitive tournament style play.

Outside of Battlemode the only restrictions are where something says X only or cannot be equipped to X


The institute more than any other faction released thus far is definitely a ranged faction. Try to keep your distance but in close combat feel free to use those cheaper Institute Laser Pistols on the Gen 1 Synths (taking the penalty) since they get a green die to help offset that penalty and they are energy damage against which Super Mutant armor is weak or just withdraw from melee (risking the quick action free attack) and then shoot them. While expensive do not discount how powerful a stun baton can be with its black, green and blue dice with 2 energy damage and its stun ability.

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A game should be balanced whether it’s for open format or not. Any game can be open format, just ignore any balance/points/other restrictions. That’s nothing new. But, a game should always have serious eye to creating a balanced experience within the mechanics/stats/etc. Excusing imbalances because ‘open play’ whether it’s Modiphius or GW doesn’t solve the problem. If something isn’t balanced within the battle mode the points or the restrictions on access to it should reflect that.

It is balanced, Battlemode is just more limited to stop weird combo’s that might unbalance the tournament scene though weirdly some of the things available to models in settement mode or as AI’s aren’t available in Battemode

Baton is by far the best weapon to give to the Gen 1 Synths - you get a base 2 damage weapon with 2 green dice that does help you increase your chances to hit

Stun Baton is a very, very good melee weapon as it got a very high chance to stun the enemy models… I would recommend giving it to more expensive units like the trooper or courser.

Nevertheless the Insitute is more like a glashammer faction as the do not have a lot of armour - so I would play it more as a ranged faction…

A few sidenotes

  • Base 1 damage weapons are totally inferior to Base 2 damage weapons - always pick the base 2 damage weapon, if somehow possible.
  • Comparing costs for weapons in relation to the model does not make much sense from my point of view: Otherwise you should never give a missile launcher to a brute - missile launcher is nearly 50% of the basic costs of the brute and arguable the best weapon in the game…
  • Concentrate your units: Try sending 3 or more of your units (including a guy with stun baton) on one his units - you will get the green extra dice for outnumbering and as soon as his unit is stunned, you will get a bonus to hit of 2+ —> if you follow that rule, you should be able to take down 1 or 2 units per round…