Fallout: Aurora 2d20 Live Games on YouTube

Hi guys! we decided to stream this game about a month ago and it is an absolute blast! My players and members of the community has asked that these videos be posted on YouTube, which I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. (I am a bit overcritical of myself)

But the wonderful people at WGNR are supportive, encouraging, and gave me the confidence I needed to put this game up on YouTube, so for your enjoyment, here is a link in case you are curious.

It’s been a year since the NCR was victorious at the Hoover Dam. Patriotism is at an all new high, but the NCR still reels with the financial burden of such a prolonged conflict in the Mojave. Still, industry is improving, televised reports are strarting to become more popular, and life couldn’t be better. Or could it… because despite all the progress the citizens of the NCR had seen, things are about to be shaken to their core.

Because War… War never changes…