Fall of the Empire - player house

Those who played or are playing Fall of the Empire, do you start with a Minor or Great House? The events in the first act make sense for a Minor House or servants of the Great House imo, since there is a lot of hands on action and the PCs seem to be assumed lower than Ecaz and Harkonnens. If you played as a Great House, how did you do it?
Also, has anyone tried to tie it into the Nagara narrative? I can’t find a satisfying way to do so.

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Linking the Nagara Narrative from Agents/Masters of Dune would be difficult.
They are opposite sides of the same coin.

Agents/Masters are a what if another House was given Arrakis, while Fall of the Imperium is the canon storyline where the Atreides got it.

It is possible, but you would have to do a time jump of at least a century (More if you go with the Prequels and it was House Richese before the Harkonnens) between House Nagara being awarded Arrakis and it returning to Harkonnen control.
Which in a game like Dune is perfectly possible, I did such a time jump between seasons 1 & 2 of my campaign. Though you would not be able to use the same characters easily.

If you do go down that path though, you could tie in things like secrets that House Nagara left buried on Arrakis before they left. Similar to how House Atreides created a hidden stash of Atomics on Arrakis that wasn’t discovered (and couldn’t be accessed easily if it was).

I have some thoughts, but I am not necessarily do that, it was just a curiosity. My main question was if people play the FotE campaign as Minor or Great House? Reading the book, it assumes that the PCs are servants of the House and not the rulers. I don’t know if my players will want that. I can see the campaign as written working for a Minor House.

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When running my campaign (before Fall came out) one of the players was a Noble related to the Head of the House (Sister in the first season & Cousin in the second).
The rest of the party was their retinue. That gave them a high enough position to be involved in the running of the House (so being able to do all those fun things in House Management) while still being remote enough to go off and do the more hands on type adventures.

A bit like how Count Fenring in the Novel was off doing things on Arrakis & Geidi Prime, while still being one of Emperor Shaddams closest confidantes and so presumably being able to steer things.


That makes a lot of sense and probably is the best way to do this. I will suggest this option it my players. Thanks!

We do actually note how to use Nagara in Fall.
Basically you have House Nagara replaced by the Atreides (if they successfully held on to Arrakis post Masters.
If they lost Arrakis in Masters, they lost it to the Harkonnen so you’re back on track anyway.
This adds the interesting twist they might be anti-Atreides just because they took Arrakis from them.

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