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Exiles source book, settlement gathering materials, rule intent?

We are playing using Exiles source book. The group has a starting settlement. During a season, when gathering resources, I was wondering what the rules actually are. As we read it and did the first season we rolled for each hex around the settlement, for each resource possible to find in that hex, taking one day per roll.

Looking at rules again, it may be you make one roll per hex, and gather a bunch of each available resource based on the number of success rolled.

Just wondering what the actual intent was for gathering materials.

Sorry, side question; I asked on this forum awhile ago about the hex scale, as it’s not defined. I got rubbish answers from Mod… What scale do you use?

As I read it, each hex is allowed one gathering roll. That roll expends it and then there is an amount of time that must pass before the resources return depending on what is harvested there.

The size is somewhat variable. As with moving in Conan it depends on the moment. I know that isn’t super explanatory though. In my game each “hex” is roughly the size that the pc can travel in about an hour.

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