Equipment Availability

I’ve read through the CR a couple of times but I just can’t find where it talks about equipment (weapons, armor, kits, etc) “Availability”. What does this number represent and how do I as a GM utilize it? Any info, even a page number, would be appreciated.

In Conan the process to obtain an item is first to find who is selling it and then to pay its cost in Gold.
The first part of the process involves Society/Persuade/Thievery tests.

The Availability of the item is the default Difficulty for the respective skill test when a character wants to acquire it.

This base Difficulty is modified by the player if they want to use Persuade for legal items (raising it with 1) and Thievery to steal the item (reducing it with 1 but marking the item as stolen). The GM can also modify the availability to make it harder or easier to acquire an item based on various factors. For example if the players are in the jungles of the Black Kingdoms and want to acquire Akbitana steel sword, it will be much harder than being in Shem and/or Akbitana. The cost even will be significantly higher in such remote places.


Thank you, much appreciated.