Enchanter, Everlasting Sorcery and Curse Talents

I am trying to figure out how to interpret the costs of using these Talents. Enchanter states,“Every success or Momentum stored requires one offering and a single “named” treasure of value equal to the total Momentum of the spell.” (CRB, p.168) For what appears to be a one time spell cast (Enchanter) the cost seems very high as I first interpreted it (see below).

Example: Enchant a Named Treasure with Necromantic Servant, (D3); (CRB p.185):

Is it: 3x Offerings and 3x Named Treasures (1 for each success (D1) and Momentum (1+1) stored) each worth 2gp (total Momentum (2) of the spell)? (Total gp value = 12gp), OR
Is it: 3x Offerings (1 for each success (D1) and Momentum (1+1) stored) at any value, and a SINGLE Named Treasure worth 2gp (total Momentum (2) of the spell)? (Total gp value = 5gp).

If the prior, both Everlasting Sorcery (10x Enchanter cost: 30 Offerings and 30 Named Treasures) and Curse (20x Enchanter cost: 60 Offerings and 60 Named Treasures) seem prohibitively expensive, if not just in total gp value, but can you imagine finding 60 Named Treasures for a single curse? :flushed:

Unless I hear otherwise from these forums, I think I will go with the later Example. Thanks.

Also, am I correct in my generalizations of these Talents?
Enchanter = binds a spell to a Named Treasure for a 1x cast as Standard Action without further costs.
Everlasting Sorcery = binds a spell to inanimate object to cast the spell 1x/scene w/o further costs.
Curse = binds (“house”) a spell on a living creature to cast with a specified trigger at no further costs.

I am getting no action on this, so I assume others are stumped as well.

My wife actually came up with this interpretation which, frankly, makes sense so I am using it in my campaign until Modiphius says otherwise.

The “permanently sacrifice 1 Fortune point” is paid only once, when you take these talents (Curse and Everlasting Sorcery).

It makes for a couple reasons:

  1. All characters start with 3 Fortune. There are 3 things in the CRB that I can find that require “permanent” loss of Fortune: Increased Attribute/Skill in Character Creation; Curse Talent (Sorcery) and the Everlasting Sorcery talent (Sorcery). If a Sorcerer gains all three, they are down to 0 FP to start sessions with.
  2. I cannot fathom purchasing a talent that you could only use a maximum of 3 times (see above).
  3. I cannot find any way to increase a Fortune point permanently.


There is no way to increase Fortune permanently. That is on purpose to act as a limiter for the PCs because of how powerful Fortune is. There are several talents that have limited usage. That being said I believe you are right about the fortune cost being a one time permanent thing.

Quick follow up on FP. I just started a campaign. Most characters start a session with 3FP. If they have spent 0 FP during the session and want to “voluntarily fail” at test to gain 1FP as the rules allow … can they if they have not spent any this session yet?

I said yes. The “permanent” FP are simply the amount of FP a character starts with in a session. The “maximum” number of FP a character can have at any given time is five per CRB. Considering there is no way to increase the permanent FP a character has (see above), I presumed the maximum of five would only be reached by things like the exact scenario above.

Definitely, by Crom! But each session they begin with their FP value, written in their PC sheet. No mo, unless via exception, like certain talents.

Barring any special circumstances your pcs should start every session with full FP so that wouldn’t be necessary. The FP total that a character has is the most they can have at any given point unless the GM decides to make an exception though. This keeps characters from utilizing the Fortune talent tree to stockpile FP and avoids a loss of value in the resource.