Dune beta questions

Is the Dune RPG beta still ongoing? What is the expected release date for this game?

Please let me into the beta, lol! I have been RPG gaming since the early 80’s and I have enormously diverse experience in a ton of RPG games. I also own a HUGE RPG gaming library and have alpha/beta tested tons of games over the years.

The Beta is now finished and they have brought in all the feedback.

As for Release date… Nothing confirmed yet, but probably some time around the film being released to tie into the publicity. So very late 2020 or more likely early 2021.

Yup, we’re shutting the forum up today for the beta, and taking away the submission form.
So if you have more to add, it’ll need to be today.

I can’t give you a release date for the books yet sadly.
To much can still go wrong to offer anything solid! :slight_smile:
But it is progressing on schedule and we’ll be sharing more detail as soon as we can.

More so in 2020 than most years!

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Where do I send/post my feedback on the Dune Beta. We ran the adventure and have our notes and observations…


Russ H

The Beta ended last month.

The feedback form is still up, though I don’t think that any more entries are being assessed in it.
You could always fill it in and they may check it out.

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Yup, we have closed the beta testing I’m afraid so we’ve already collated all the replies.

No problem. Our group got sidelined a bit due to covid. But I still have submitted our form, as it was the agreement, and we would still like to playtest if any further playtesting is done.

Overall we liked the game very much, and as I am the big Dune fan of the group, it was fun to run. We had a nice mix of people who had never really knew anything about the setting to people who were fans of it, and all did well.

-Russ H