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Duke of Caladan - Spoilers

I’m reading the Duke a Caladan now. I have been a long time Dune fan and fan of Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson continuing after Frank Herbert.

Of all of those novels that I have loved this one feels the weakest.

Great points …

  • Learning more about CHOAM
  • Learning more about spice operations
  • Paul’s early years
  • Neat to see sisterhood interplay

Not a fan of

  • Duke Leto as the main character, great support, backdrop and building character but I’m not feeling it for his character.

Anyway just buying time waiting in a certain RPG to be released that will remain una…

Ok Dune, it is named.

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What did you glean about CHOAM?

Focus was on the Arou family including the Urr Director Melina mother of Jackson Arou. CHOAM has a habit of misplacing planets from imperial record and all the taxes as well.she also leads the noble commonwealth set on dismantling imperial rule. Secret dealing with her and the Harkonnis as well as spacing guild.

Forgive my spelling on my mobile at work and I do t have the names in front of me.