Draugr Dragon Shout

Draugr heroes can take a shout in a quick slot, but they all have a shout type, this is enviroment, and cards from chapters have ranged attack symbols. Example: Unrelenting force. According to the enviroment rules, it is necessary to select a point on the field, but what radius, whether a template should be used, is not clear.

At a guess, I think those 3 Draugr Shout cards might have the wrong symbol on them; as you say, them being Environmental attacks makes no sense (at least without some further rules on there) and I think they’re just supposed to be Ranged attacks etc. the same as their non-Draugr counterparts.


I’ve had a chat with the developers and yes this is a mistake on the cards. The attacks should be targeting a model and not a point on the battlefield. This will be changed with the next errata and rules update.

Hope this helps,


Thank you.

The Draugr as a Playable Faction rules are an interim, public playtest document, so you’ll see some changes to them before they become an “official” rules release.

My friend and I are now preparing a file with corrected cards for draugrs, we take into account all the answers on the forum, it also changes the cost of some modules after games. Would it be interesting to see the final version?