Does any GM uses power point presentations for there adventures?

I use power point presentations (and VTT maps soft ware) to imerse the players in the adventure.
Below you can find an example of one of my power points. I use a file I found on the internet (don’t know where any more) so the design is not mine. Are there others out there that do the same so that we can share experiences.
The adventure “The Mist” is one I created my self.

The Mist:
The crew is ordered to investigate a subspace distress signal originating from a primitive planet Zekor III. In addition Federation command informs them that the planet also had a satellite that is not responding as well.
Zekor III is in habited by the primitive species called the Noikai (Victorian age technology level).
Several months ago a Federation survey team visited the planet to do scientific research, and they left a concealed satellite in orbit to continue their research.
When the landings party comes down and investigate they find a strange wrecked starship (Unknown to the players: Aliens have a gaseous body).
The ship seems abandoned, and tricorder searches reveal no surviving alien crew (Unknown to the players: Until they know that they are dealing with gaseous file forms their tricorders will not register these life forms. They need to witness the mist and then recalibrate their Tricorders accordingly).
The ship is of a lower technological level as that of the Federation, but it is very difficult to interact with the controls and their computer systems (Unknown to the players: The Aliens are gaseous, and have just begun exploring space. It was their first warp flight).
The cause of the crash is that the alien ship came very close to the Starfleet satellite and ships systems got haywire by the sensors scans emanating from the probe.
The crew finds dead corpses of several Nokai out that and some parts are missing, and that the reactor of the crashed ship is gradually increasing in power (Unknown to the players: A native Nokai party came and investigated the crashed ship. The aliens tried to communicate with the Nokai party, but the communication had some undesired side effects. The survivors of the Nokai party have taken several parts with them to the village).
The reactor will explode in 48 hours, and the missing parts are crystalline in nature and cannot be replicated.
The crew must go to the nearest village, and retrieve the stolen parts.
When they arrive in the village they find out that people are getting killed by a deadly mist that appears regularly (Investigation reveals this occurs every 4 hours and that this is not a natural occurrence).
The mist is a mobile technology of the aliens to create an environment in which they can survive.
The gas based aliens try to communicate with the primitives, and has serious side effects.
Their communication is a form of unknown telepathy that happens when people come in contact with the mist.
This communication has a undesired side effect that is causes people to go mad of fear and aggression.
The crew must investigate and find the stolen parts, communicate with the gaseous aliens, and help the repairs.
All that while respecting the prime directive.

The Mist (S07.E09).pdf (1.6 MB)

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