Are there any premade adventures for the holodeck

I’ll start with a confession, I dm a few campaigns, so for star trek adventures I tend to be a bit lazy and use the premade adventures. I was trying to see if I’ve missed any, but I can’t see any of the pre done adventures being based in the holodeck which is what my group are wanting to do. We’re fairly new to STA and currently running through the starter set, they’ve got a week until they get to their next stop and wanted to throw in a holodeck adventure whilst they’re travelling.

Not for STA but one of the previous Star Trek RPGs did a whole book with a selection of them. I think it was LUG but I might be wrong.

STA is pretty easy to use when it comes to repurposing prewritten adventures from other titles

Haven’t done any holodeck adventures for the line to date. Partly because there have been so many holodeck episodes; I haven’t gotten a pitch yet that does something different.

And, you can do pretty much anything in a holodeck. You could likely take any prewritten adventure for any game system and call it a holodeck adventure and just use STA mechanics as needed. Hit the story beats and run with it.

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It was called “Holodeck Adventures” by Last Unicorn Games. I’m sure you can pick up a copy on EBay.

Funny just did it as a B storyline in our campaign. A few episodes ago they rolled several complications when modifying the holodeck but I just tucked those away for the future. Then earlier this summer they did the Ghostwriter adventure in the modiphia magazine, and the Ghostwriter AI was destroyed. Turns out it was trapped aboard the ship and the complications freed it. So it is using the PC’s to help create dramatic stories. Along with a laugh track and sound effects :slight_smile: