Do androids heal with Medicine or Engineering?

If a Soong-type android takes an Injury, should it be healed using the Medicine or Engineering discipline? In other words, if the android in my game took a big disruptor hit, should the doctor or the engineer come rushing over to roll for first aid? And should they be using a medikit or a toolkit?

On the show, I seem to recall Data visiting both Doctor Crusher in Sickbay and Geordi LaForge in Engineering a few times for diagnostics, scans and repairs.

Depends on the nature of the injury. Physical damage (such as a disruption hit) is usually Engineering I would say. Some cases where maybe the Android’s bodily fluids are poisoned by radiation or something may still be Medicine.

I’d suggest it would be fine as either. I would expect any CMO serving on a ship with such an individual would go out of their way to pick up enough information to at very least be able to perform first aid on that character.

We had a crew man with extensive cybernetics due to injury. The rule I made was it is engineering for any of the cybernetics but if the Doctor had the cybernetics or other applicable focus then they could use their medical skills. Otherwise I raised the Diff by one for lack of knowledge.

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McKoy used a trowel and cement to heal a horta. He could pull out a wrench and heal an android.

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But McCoy probably still would succeed even with a +1 Diff or maybe his background as a country doctor gave him an advantage :wink: