Question about a wounded hand

I’m currently running a Disaster Scenario, “Going Viral” in DS9 era.
When the ship was in orbit with the first sensor checks, they fear an illness of some sort so the engineer made a teleport backup record just in case they become contaminated.
During the final assault on the extremists faction a grenade was launched against the team. Most of them take cover, but the engineer decided to throw back the grenade but ends up rolling a 20. After the grenade exploded in his hand he was mortally wounded. The doc saved his life but I ruled that the hand was destroyed.
How can they regrow a hand:

  • using the teleport back-up they made to restore the hand
  • Grow another one and medbay
  • A mechanical hand
  • another solution from an episode I haven’t seen ( I assumed that the wonderful flowers that can regrow organs in TOSwere destroyed or not used because of side effects)

“Grow” one or artificial would be my assumption, but any of those would work. He could also keep it " as is" until a crazy in game event gave him some other option…

DS9 era, I’m guessing mechanical would be the best option.

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A la Luke Skywalker. Oh, sorry, wrong franchise! Bad Sparky! Bad Sparky! :rofl:

I think that teleporting back the hand could be possible, since he’s a transporter specialist, but I don’t like to set a precedent for easy healing system.
I like the mechanical option that the engineer can upgrade with character. ( he already has a talent giving him a Signal amplifier and a portable generator, maybe they can be integrated, in the hand/arm, and be hidden, and add more stuff later)
And Scotty has a missing finger anyway

Nog got an artificial leg, Picard has an artificial heart, Worf got a new spine. The tech is there for a variety of replacements.


I really doubt that this will work. The transporter buffer is only a short time memory and everything put into it will degrade very fast and will be overwritten with the next transport. Thus a “teleport back-up” does not exist in Star Trek. Even if it would exist, it would not work the way you think. It would generate a full copy of the person in the back-up (including memories), not unlike the transporters clones which we know that they exist.

You can replicate organs, but not all organs. The more complex an organ is, the greater the chance that it cannot be replicated (except with a genetronic replicator which had a very low success rate in 2368 and was not available during the Dominion War). And we know that such surgeries are not without risk.

This method should always work and is the standard. Picard, Nog, Detmer, Airiam are some of the known characters which have artificial organs/cybernetic implants as replacements for the ones they’ve lost.Geordi is an exception because he was born blind.

Worf’s spine was replicated which a genetronic replicator (the spine is simply to complex to be replicated) but the surgery killed him …

Replacing a hand should be much easier than replacing an organ. I would assume that mechanical appendages are standard in the 2370s, most prominently Nog.

But even today you can replace hands with ones from dead people, so maybe this is an option?

I would let a doctor (maybe at a starbase or hospital ship) replace the character’s hand with a mechanical one. Give the character a Trait to reflect the artificial body part, but besides this it should not have any lasting consequences, at least not physical ones.

I’m aware of the limitation of the buffer system. But during the Signals scenario, the same engineer developed some transsporter tech including retransmission without materialisation. and won the cochrane medal of transmeters. Yes they can use n+1 transmetters buffers to store n people that are cycling. And yes if they make a roll they can duplicate the away team signal. they use it as backup in case of problem or for comparaison. Some technical issues prevent them for overusing it (they don’t want to have multiple copies of themselves if I spent some threat on a 20 roll)

I have given him a choice:

  • A hand “à la Luke”
  • A most obvious prosthetic, for the moment at least, that takes the arm that he will be able to improve.
    He chose the second option.

You could do it as a joint attack extended task.

For example; the #1 aim is for a replacement, biological hand to be grown from donor cells. This will require:
:black_small_square:the most up to date physiological scan possible (the transporter copy) - an Engineering or Science task to extract, Work 8, Diff 2
:black_small_square:a suitable extraction of cells from the donor - a Medicine task, work 8 diff 3
:black_small_square:a suitable media to grow and replicate the cells to the parameters of the scan - Science / Medical, work 15 diff 3
:black_small_square:a final extended medical task to reattach the grown appendage before an amount of elapsed time - work 20 diff 3

All tasks must be completed in 10 actions, otherwise the bio-replacement is not perfect; 11-14 actions, some loss of control (say +1 diff for small, detailed tasks). Additional time can be bought from (for example) a temporary statis field being used, personal skill at meditation etc.

Beyond 14 action rounds, a mechanical option is the only option.

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Thanks, if I had a head doctor player I should have done something like that. More gated chalenges than extended tasks, perhaps. Since the medic player is the ship councilor I kept things more simple and opted for the mechanical version.