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Dishonored Scenario Ideas

Rough Scenario Outline: More then you can chew.

While players are dining at an eating establishment someone (perhaps an ally brokering a ‘job’… perhaps someone may even hold them accountable?) dies choking to death in front of the players after eating the pickled Hagfish.

[public commotion / Player anxiety - Poison? They all ate the hagfish?]

  • Players discover their ‘fixer’ choked to death an uncut gemstone?
  • Harrasing the staff / Investigating the kitchen they find a curious indented mark on one of the discarded pickled hagfish tins. Also may find / steal / bully a delivery slip leading them to their local supplier. (or simply follow the staff).

[When dramatically appropriate City Watch are alerted to the disturbance and players have to escape; more heat then they want right now].

  • The supplier is a small shop that keeps regular hagfish tins and the ‘special’ orders put aside for ‘special’ customers. A new apprentice has muddled his orders, triggering a chain of events.

A fierce argument between the shopkeeper and the assistant followed by repercussions involving the shopkeeper, disgruntled distributer (a Serkonian Smuggling ring) and the receivers (local hoods).

[Possible Complications]
Players may not be the only people ‘casing’ the shop? City Watch, rival gang or other clued up ‘entrepreneurs’ may need to be contended with?

[End Game]
The Serkonian Smugglers hideout/workplace is a (mostly) derelict industial cannery on the wharf.

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