Discord server?

It would be great to have a Discord server for this game, the same as with Wasteland Warfare. Lots of nice folks over there, always helpful, and it would be great to translate that into this game.

Hi there

Try this one:


Doesn’t seem to work for me… this is what I see:

Huh. Odd.

You should be able to search for it. It’s imaginatively named “Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms”


Hmmm… maybe it’s something wrong on my end? Or do I need an invite to the server?
I’m seeing this now:

I can’t seem to find it either. Any updates?

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Any updates? Also can’t find the server

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The link has expired again and I cannot find the server as well. Any chance you can repost the invite?

Thank you!

Dang. It expired again.

Here is a link that won’t expire:

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Thank you so much. The one on facebook was also expired.

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