Defeating Xeno-Ys?

Is anywhere revealed true identity of Xeno-Ys?
Or could I use any Oberst, who fits the best in my campaign?
Or is intended, that he survives the Dark Eden campaign with his cover intact?
And finally neither in both Dark Eden books nor in the Dark Soul book I could find the true identity of Xeno-Ys. So what happens, if I kill him without knowing he is Xeno-Ys?

His/her/their identity is never revealed from what I recall - as they’re pretty deep cover they could be anyone.

Thanks, so I need not to be worry, if one or two of the Oberst die, because there is a big chance, that non of them was Xeno-Ys.
And maybe Xeno-Ys isn’t an Oberst, but one of his aides, who controls the Oberst, like the Oberts control the Tsar?!

Where ambitions are concerned, there is always the next Oberst. Or at any other point during the PCs’ travels - They could end up joining the PCs on the Tsarina’s train :wink: Xeno-Ys could even be responsible for the Sons treachery at the final battle…

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