Deck Tiles in image format (jpg/png/webp)?

I have pdfs of the Starfleet and Klingon deck tiles. It doesn’t appear that they are currently available as individual images. Am I missing them somwhere? If not, could the tiles be made available in an image format, for easier integration into VTTs?

If you own the PDF, you could try to extract the images and convert to a format of your preference. :slight_smile:

What I do is use the snipping tool in windows and snip the floor plan i want and save it as a png

No disrespect intended (just since there’s no tone on the 'webs) -

Tried extract and it didn’t work well. I’m an IT professional, and generally think I followed instructions correctly. Resultant images were poorly colored.

I can snip all these, but it’s a pain and only solves for me. Modiphius can solve for *everybody. *

Can’t argue that point. But for everyone who might have come here searching for a technical solution:
On GNU/Linux at least, the terminal command:

pdfimages -png startrekadventures_starfleettiles.pdf ./starfleet-tile

nicely and painlessly extracts the images with no colour issues whatsoever, naming them starfleet-tile000 to starfleet-tile031.

I will add that it also exists for windows

Finally got around to trying this. Worked great. Thanks! I don’t remember what commandline tool I used before…but my images were there but terrible. This worked much better.

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