Darker Days Radio

Hi, I’m Chris, aka Dr Ether, and I am one of the hosts of Darker Days Radio. www.darker-days.org

The podcast is one of the longest running World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness podcasts (plus we cover other horror games sometimes).

For fans of Vampire the Masquerade we are the place to come to for ideas on how to run games, design chronicles, how to use inspiration from other games for Vampire, and reviews and interviews.

We often attend gaming conventions, and we team up with Beasts of War to deliver other video content (I like wargames and painting toy soldiers).

We also have our renowned segment in our podcast - The Secret Frequency - which provides ideas for your games based upon real world supernatural, folklore, urban legends, and mysterious tales.

You can also tune in to listen to our exclusive play through of V5, which we released on V5’s release day, and learn all about how I am running V5 set in Manchester, UK.