Damage Dice Font Needed

Is there a True Type font that can be downloaded for the damage dice’s phoenix symbol? I’ve been looking on the web with no luck and the books use a custom Adobe front from what I can tell by looking a the PDFs in Adobe reader to see what fonts were used.


I use the symbol for the Japanese Yen (¥, alt-0165 on a standard keyboard) for my game; closest I could get.

I use the same symbol as my icon on here. I got the image from the web (googled ‘phoenix’) and sent it to one of those companies that make custom decal sheets for modelling. Then I transfered that to some blank dice and used a sharpie for the numbers. The sharpie since came off, but the transfers are fine.

I made an .otf of that symbol in about thirty minutes on FontArk, basically using capital A thru capital D for different test versions (‘A’ and ‘D’ look best, ‘B’ and ‘C’ are weak). It will not let me post the file or the Google Drive link here, but attached is a snip of the various versions.

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If you don’t mind inserting an image you can reduce this to fit.

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