Crusader Talent Tree

So, I realize that this is not a thing in the official canon of REH’s Conan. That being said, I wanted to add in some of the story elements of the crusades into my campaign so I made an adjustment to the church of Mitra where there was a branch of the church that functioned as the militaristic right hand of Mitra. Again, I realize that canonically this is not a thing but I wanted to show you all the talent tree I made for this specialized group.


Those are great. Tempting to use. I could see this happening actually, so long as they’re not outright “paladins” and instead crusade for the objectives of their god, much like medieval crusaders.

That was pretty much the idea. I, like many, have played a lot of D&D and the last thing I want is to add the generally op class that is Paladins to the game. That being said I do love the idea of medieval crusaders in the game. Especially since so many of the religion are ■■■■■■■■■ zealots.

Yes, corruption should be rife.


As an aside… the new censor program on the forum seems to think I cursed… I didn’t.

Understood. It’s a wee bit tight.

Crusader word comes from the cross.

A more appropriate term with phoenix or mitra in it would be better i think.

Great Idea btw !

That’s a really good point… I’ll think about it and see if I can come up with a better idea for a name.

I like the Buoyant Armigers from Morrowind

Although looking at the etymology of the word “phoenix”, “phoenician” could be the equivalent of “crusader”.

“Phoenician” sounds too much like “Phoenicia” to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe something like “Champion”, “Zealot” or “Justicar”?

Someone called the Phoenician!?!? :smiley:


I suppose it could be as simple as champion or knight

Or Chosen of …

Chosen of Derketa for example. :smile:

I’d personally still go with Phoenician since words get repurposed all the time and this is 12,000 years ago :smiley:

I am glad people like the tree enough for it to spark debate. In my campaign I am going to be sticking with Crusader (since that was how I introduced it to begin with). I think if I update it I’ll probably update it to either Chevalier or Knight personally. I encourage anyone to make it their own though! Thank you all for the feedback :slight_smile:

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