Creature Variants

Started making and painting some variants to add some diversity to our co-op play through. Attached are some of the deathclaw variants we have used. I’ll also attach a PDF version with their attacks that can be printed and cut out.

Deathclaws.pdf (423.4 KB)


These are awesome! I’m actually attempting to paint a glowing variant at the moment, so will definitely give your rules a spin.

If you’re interested - the FWW title font is Handelson-Two.

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That’s great! We used GWARR after about 10 battles of an on-going campaign. The named ones are a bit over powered but our characters were getting perks and better guns so it ended up being a good fight. Might be too tough for a crew walking out of the vault but a good fight for some grizzled vets with perks.

Thank you for finding the correct font, I have been searching and couldn’t track it down!

I painted up a glowing and albino to use with the cards. I attached photos below.


Damn! They look awesome!