Cover guidelines

The rules seem a bit thin on describing how many bonus dice to add for cover. What do you guys use? What would you consider appropriate for, say, crouching behind a console for more than 50% concealment?

I might rule that as a Dense Cover 2 trait. (Page 226 Core book for Dense effect, 2 CD for cover.) The number of CD provided by the cover/concealment is essentially up to the GM, and how they would view such cover.

The amount of dice for cover is what I’m looking to get a grip on, since as the GM I’ll be adjudicating those values. Since the book seems to not provide any examples, I would like to hear how you apply this.

Is 10 dice too much for any occasion, or appropriate for a Romulan standing behind a glass bead curtain?

10 dice is way too much. Think about it this way. 10 dice means that there is a chance (however remote) that when they roll, they gain a resistance of 20. (That is the maximum value of resistance that 10 dice can provide.) This means that whichever attack is made, would have to deal more than 20 points of damage before it even affects them.

If you look at the average weapon being 2-3 CD before the security value, that is a minimum of 3-4 CD per attack. Maximum value of damage for that would be 6-8 damage. (Not counting affects.)

I might allow a cover value of 10 for a target standing behind a reinforced blast door, but I am not sure I would even allow that shot. Instead I would simply have them attack the Blast door and damage it that way, giving it a resistance and stress value until it would be destroyed and ineffective cover.

For your example, I would only allow 1 CD of cover/concealment for a Romulan standing behind a glass bead curtain, and that would be pushing it for me. The glass curtain would definitely have the Fragile quality, however.

A Cover value of 2 would give them a maximum possible value of 4 points of resistance. Which I think is good for your example of 50% cover. Like I said before, the number of dice provided is open to interpretation by the GM. If you want to provide more than 2 for a console, then give more than 2. Personally, I would not allow more than 4 for a console.

Another thing to consider is if you would allow a point of momentum to be spent to reroll (some or all) of the CD rolled for cover. I can’t remember if there is a rule on that being possible in the book.

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2 CD for light cover, 4 CD for heavy cover.

A console could have 3 CD depending on how massive it is. As mentioned, there are some optional Effects for cover:

  • Dense: +1 Resistance for each Effect rolled
  • Fragile: -1 Resistance for each Effect rolled
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