Coridan species

Was going to create a Coridan character and didn’t see the option listed in the latest creator. Is this an oversite or hasn’t there been a published option. I thought there was a character on one the shield of tomorrow.

I’m not sure what you mean by the ending statement, but I don’t believe Coridan is a race in any canon STA book so far. If it is, it’s in either the Discovery, Lower Decks, Picard or TOS setting guides - I’ve got most of the books and I don’t have Coridan in my index of races.

You could just homebrew it - p111, “Unusual or Unique Characters” has the rules, even if they are fairly loose.

There was a recurring character on Shield of Tomorrow: security officer, Kaetan Ziid (I think Ziid was the assistant security chief).

I’m pretty sure that they didn’t get the Coridanian species from any existing books. They musta homebrewed it.


Definitely homebrewed or using the core book’s guide to creating a species. I definitely recall liking what Jackson Lanzing did with the character, and fleshing out the use of the mask.