No more character side bars in the Delta Quadrant Sourcebook?

Hello, maybe I’m blind, but so far most books had character side bars with their attributes and the species trait if they didn’t receive full character rules with talents, and I can’t find any in the Delta Quadrant Sourcebook. I went back to the Gamma Quadrant Sourcebook and it didn’t have any either, I just didn’t notice because there almost every alien of the week got complete rules for making characters except Vorta and Jem’hadar and those were in the core book. Now I’m missing offical rules for a lot of species like Kazon, Trabe, Vidiians, Vaadwaur etc. and in fact we have a lot of NPCs with traits that consist of a single word.

Didn’t have room for everything, sorry. I also made the call that many of those species aren’t likely to be PC species in enough demand to warrant spending the word count on them. The book was actually over page count already, heh. Feel free to make up your own stats for the species you want to use–+1 to any three attributes or +2 to one and +1 to another. Anything you make up will be as good as anything I or another STA writer throw together. :slight_smile: