Continuing Mission: "A Matter of Discipline"

I don’t do this, often, but in this case (pun not intended), I have to: Go check out the fanmade scenario “A Matter of Discipline”, by Scott Ness, published over at our favourite blog, Continuing Mission!

Probably the only thing I could criticise this 31 pages long full adventure with lots of NPC (their stats and their backstories) on is the not too printer-friendly layout. Then again: What does this matter? Right – nothing.

“A Matter of Discipline” takes the players back to Starfleet Academy’s campus in San Francisco, where they have to investigate a cadet striking an academy instructor, starting a bar fight. The overall arc reminds me a bit of (and I mean this in a good way as I loved the series) the good old JAG series (precursor to NCIS etc.): Start with an investigation, find out that truth is more than the investigation’s preset, plead in court. The court being, of course, some kind of disciplinary hearing and/or court martial.

I’m not familiar with the anglo-american law tradition and the setup of a “cadet v. instructor” hearing is a little bit odd if one thinks twice about how discinplinary action and/or court martial normally work (it would be two separate proceedings rather than one combined) but it serves the story well and is only relevant in the last act. Should also be easy to adapt if there’s the occasional law and/or military professional in your group that would struggle to suspend disbelief. Everything before is sweet, sweet investigations, be it classical interrogation, analysis of computer data or medical examinaton of witnesses or exhibits.

The scenario is ripe with fleshed-out NPCs. Some backstories are similar to each others but in my eyes this only emphasises the tone of the adventure which unravels a tragedy before the players curious eyes, indeed worthy of an evening of playing good Trek and reflecting on the duties of a Starfleet Officer.

No, seriously. This one’s really good, check it out!