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CONAN for Foundry VTT

CONAN for Foundry

The CONAN 2D20 team is happy to announce the availability of the Robert E. Howard’s CONAN: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of game system for Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

We have tried to stay close to the look and feel presented in the sourcebooks, if you have improvements to suggests or, even better, contributions, we welcome them.


  1. Doom & Momentum tracking
  2. Character & NPC sheets
  3. Item sheets (Weapons, Armors, Belongings, Spells, etc.)
  4. Token link to character sheet


  1. We are here, finally.
  2. Stabilization of version 1 (Mainly bug fixes).
  3. Automation and quality of life improvements. (Mainly automation, e.g. contested rolls, automatic damage calculations, etc.)

To install the system, you can search for Conan in the Foundry game system installer or simply paste this URL into the Manifest URL:

Reaching us directly

eeyun and I, Kayhosraven, can be reached through the Foundry VTT Discord and through the gitlab issues pages.

We’re working on building some help to get new users started: Home · Wiki · 2d20 on Foundry VTT / foundryvtt-conan2d20 · GitLab

This has been posted on multiple channels (Discord, Reddit, to reach a maximum of Conan fans. We intend to limit our future updates communications to the Foundry Discord Server.

If you’re interested in becoming a patron for our developer, you can find his Patreon here:


Will this be updated to the latest Foundry release?


Heya, sorry for the slow reply.

I have left the project but eeyun, the other guy in the project, is in talks with Modiphius. He’s released a test version to a testing group.

I suggest you inquire on the 2d20 channel on the FoundryVTT discord.

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