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Conan for FoundryVTT

The Conan ruleset is now available for FoundryVTT and it looks really promising!



Do you plan on giving some instructions how to use this Foundry game setting?

I couldn’t create a character, the character sheet only had the character name, no game stats at all.

I’m not a developer or anything… But 1st you have to make some items like Talents, Actions, Weapons etc. Then you can add them to the character by dragging the items on the sheet.

And this is just a ruleset so no copyrighted content has been added. That will be a different module very much like you can find for Forbidden Lands, Alien or WFRP4

I suggest to join the FoundryVTT Discord server, there you can ask the devs :slight_smile:


Sorry for my late announcement in the other thread, I had never completed the tutorial steps to be granted access to post a new thread.

The announcement thread is available here: CONAN for Foundry VTT

FrankF, this is a fair point, especialy if you are not very familiar with Foundry. We’ll look into offering some guidance either in the wiki or through prompts. As cthulhuka mentionned, a good starting point would be in the Foundry Discord as we tried to respect the usual behavior of systems through Foundry VTT to lessen the learning curve.

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Hey i just been in foundry VTT and was able to install the Conan 2d20 ruleset. Create Actors (Characters) and NPCs. The rolls are there with skills, attacks, and hit locations already added. Pretty nice so far. Doom and Momentum are tracked on screen. Rolls will ask to use either or both and will not roll if there isn’t enough in the pool.

The only thing i can think of to do quickly is to create a chat macro for players for rerolling 1d6 damage and 1d20 when applicable.


This is a good video on creating actors etc fromEncounter Library

Hi @FrankF,
your point is fair and I had a feeling it might be too empty for starting players. We’re working on a Wiki that could help you along. Also, as I was mentioning, we’re working on providing some pre-created elements.

The wiki is available here: Home · Wiki · 2d20 on Foundry VTT / foundryvtt-conan2d20 · GitLab

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