Clear Action to Remove Burning Condition

What is the difficulty for removing the Burning condition with the Clear Action? By default Clear action is against a D2 but the Burning description says Clear action removes an Effect not the Condition as a whole. So a successful Clear only removes one Effect or a single turn of burning, perhaps with additional Effects removed with Momentum or something? Or is Clear used to remove the entire Condition with the Difficulty then equal to the total Effects in play?

Never forget that situational difficulty nearly always applies.

For burning - if it is raining and there are puddles everywhere then it is easy to put yourself out, so I’d rule D2 or D1 if the PC goes prone and rolls. If the PC was dressed in oilcloth hanging from a rope over a lava pool, I’d put a D5 on that if I was feeling particularly generous…

So it is fir the whole condition not per effect

That’s the way I read it. It’s treated like any other difficulty based skill roll you either succeed or you don’t. Although I could make a case for an extended test that clears effects/lowers difficulty for ongoing efforts to clear an effect. For instance putting out a fire on someone by beating out the flames and pouring water on them over a few rounds assuming that you don’t succeed the first round since your effort would have a diminishing effect assuming that you scored any success at all in a previous round. But the way the game is structured the rounds are an indefinite amount of time and success is an all or nothing kind of affair.