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A question of Affliction removal

Kaor All!

On page 67 of the core book it states: “Removing afflictions cannot be done during an action scene.” I can think of countless situations where this rings true. On page 41, however, it states that a character with the Skilled Physician talent “may use a Conflict action to automatically remove 1 affliction…”

Now, if “Conflict actions are the focus of action scenes…” (63) and Skilled Physicians can remove afflictions using “a Conflict action,” but “Removing afflictions cannot be done during an action scene…” :anguished:

Anyone want to tackle this one?


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Sounds to me like an exception to the general rule.


Hullo, Sunwolfe,

It’s the Talent that allows the character to do it, so it’s perfectly reasonable with that Talent. That’s the whole point with Talents. :grinning: